About ME

In India, it’s common for Indian parents to want their child to be an Engineer, A Software Engineer per se. They want their child to have a secure future with steady income from a good corporate job. Nothing wrong in that. 

But, that’s how my story began. 

After completing Engineering (majoring Information Technology) in 2017, I knew I can’t do this forever. IT is a wonderful field, by the way – Totally agree to that. It was just not what I wanted for life. So, I decided to take that leap of faith. 

After switching to English Literature immediately in 2017, I started working as a freelance content writer and copywriter. My second graduation – Bachelor of Arts, English Literature, was a Distance Degree .

These were probably the most edifying 3 years – 2017-2020. I tried everything. Freelance writing and editing, teaching English at a coaching center, ghostwriting a novella, working at a scholastic publication house, working at a corporate office as a copywriter, and much more… But, it was time to streamline by career to what I had made the switch for – English Literature. During BA, I took courses on Philosophy, Psychology and Linguistics. They were just as amazing. 

That’s how A Good Library was born. 

Presently, I am looking at some good colleges in India where I can pursue MA and possibly, PhD. Fingers crossed!  But


While studying literature, I realized that there is a lot of scope for content creation in this field. Content that will help a student get clearer idea of what literature is. Content that will define the precise interception between philosophy, literary theories, literary movements, linguistics, history, philology, and other commonly confused topics.

The mission of A Good Library is to create an exhaustive digital resource, attract more and more audience to pursue literature, philosophy and linguistics as a viable career, and design a place for every literature-fanatic to hang out. 

Ever since I was a young girl, I loved reading. I started my reading journey by reading novels in Marathi (that’s my mother tongue) and Hindi (that’s my national language).  Later, I learned advanced Sanskrit as a part of my matriculation. English had always been the inseparable part. During BA, I took a French class. 

Throughout, languages kept fascinating me. I joined a Spanish class just to keep my friend company. It was amazing! Later, I also studied German, basic level. Exploring how different languages are intertwined in a fascinating way is mind-blowing.  

I’m die-hard introvert. So, this language-learning is just a Jui-Jui thing. Only reading & listening – no talking. You know, new culture, new tv series, new travel destinations, a new world. [Without having to speak to anyone!]

Oh, and, yes! I also love painting. Here are some of my canvas paintings: