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I Heard A Girl Speak To An Angel…

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Life is full of wonders. It is up to us to choose which ones to chase. I have chosen mine :)

I heard a girl speak to an angel
What made you sketch this world?
Sometimes too scary, other times gentle?

You make me sob, you make me yell
giving me a chuckle again, you make it simple!

Girl saw the trees and saw the birds
Why ain’t chirpy, they ain’t got words?

Nothing is as simple as the trees
They feel my love why still surds?

Girl posed the angel, I wonder a lot
crest so high and deep so dark
Moon so cold and the sun so hot?

Oh dear angel, pray you to come to me
Give me wings and make me flee
Woods is my home and breath is the sea

My little heart craves the sky
Sunshine and the rainbow where I wish to fly!
I’ll dance with the fairies, to the music of the breeze
Oh darling, take me there and make it cease!

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